VoiceThread Docs / Privacy and Security / Advanced Security Controls / Restricting access on your local network

The settings we recommend for allowing access to VoiceThread on your network are here. If you need to block content that does not belong to your particular VoiceThread license, however, you can configure your local proxy server or machine to customize which VoiceThread domain(s) they can access.

You must allow the following URLs regardless of the configuration that you use to restrict user access:

Open browsing (recommended)
This is the most open option and allows users to view all public content on VoiceThread. To enable this option, allow access to the following domains:

Restricted to Ed.VoiceThread:
This will restrict users to interacting only with other users on the Ed.VoiceThread network. Please make sure that you have a qualifying Ed.VoiceThread productbefore changing these settings on your local network. Users will still be able to explore and interact with a worldwide community, but there are no Free or higher-education users on the Ed.VoiceThread network.

Restricted to your class or school domain:
This will restrict users to interacting and collaborating only with other users within your custom domain. They will be unable to interact with any other VoiceThread users.

Remember that these blocking options only control use of VoiceThread within your school’s local network and do not have an effect on use of VoiceThread at home or on other networks.